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Exploring Your Urban Pond

                            Exploring your urban pond


I recently moved into an area where there was an urban pond. Although I knew some things about where the water came from I hadn’t fully explored the pond. I decided to head out and explore my pond.

Spoiled by Water

The lake water was crisp and prickly as it worked it's way into my sneakers and up my legs into my jeans. I wasn't planning on getting wet - in fact I was wearing a raincoat over my thick sweater (it was October after all). Despite my soaking socks, I now needed to figure out just how to get the canoe up out of the water, and the water back out of the canoe. This was one of my darker days as a Scout. I knew that I would not be earning my canoeing badge that day. And it wasn't even my fault!


Citizen Science Leader Training at New Delhi, INDIA (July 2013)  - MY BLOG :


Challenges :


Summer holiday...

We’ve come to the end of our first few months of CSL days in the UK and are now on the ‘summer break’ until September. I’ve really enjoyed every day I’ve done so far, whether it be in London or Leeds. The training sites in each city are very different but I like both for the fact that they provide green space in areas where you wouldn’t think there would be any. I’ve yet to come across a CSL who knew about the sites before they visited, even if they only live or work up the road.